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Russian Women Sites Reviews cannot recommend The website is incompetent in terms of scammer issues (many man scammers, as well as women). This site has a contradictory reputation. 
A lot is written about the hostess of the dating platform Elena. And opinions are mostly negative. The lady, of course, just does business. This is the business of many women who have married abroad. It’s difficult to implement there, you need a good education, preferably local education, communications, skills and knowledge, but the marriage business is an advantageous and more affordable option for earning money. Elena writes articles of this nature "sex on a first date, why not?" and there she gives advice such as "write to as many men as possible - 20 men in a day at least), also advises: "Do you want to fall in love with a man? Touch or cling to him", “a man falls in love with sex." On the dating site with foreigners established by this agency, there are no age restrictions: all men and women who have reached adulthood are allowed to register. Also, no one will complain to the clients about the appearance or presence of children: every woman always has a chance. However, as Elena herself recommends in her numerous articles intended for site visitors, if a woman seriously wants to marry a foreigner - she should work on her appearance, lose weight, watch hair and learn how to posit properly.
On the website there are a lot of fake profiles of men as well as woman. Mainly on the men are looking for just entertainment with Ukrainian and Russian girls. It is possible to say that at men are just sex tourists. They are writing to different girls, asking them for a date, and trying to have sex on the first date. They enjoy the process of communication and look for intimacy. 
In general, the men there are listless. Many are encrypted, they do not call their real name, so you should not trust anyone. It's more realistic to get acquainted with free portals than at Just some of the men still provide detailed and truthful information about themselves, which reduces the risk to a minimum. The only positive thing is that only men pay for the service. It's good that women do not need to pay money. When you look through kata before registration, it always seems that there are a lot of normal men, and when you choose after registration there are none or almost none. Read also What Is That?
One more disadvantage is the service of the website. Nobody answers the calls. The members of the website don’t block the scammers and very often ask to send them a passport! Do not do this at all - it's dangerous! You cannot show or send documents to anyone! The administrators can delete your profile without any reason.
The site often does not work, every day there are some breakages... when users wright to Elena about this, she answers that everything is okay, and you should blame your browser. Another time they were dumped on hackers.