TOP # 6 anastasiadate What Is That?

There are quite a lot of different dating sites, but is not created for those who want to create a family, but first of all for those who are looking for entertainment. 
The creators of the site assure its users that this is a great application where you can meet charming, funny and beautiful Russian girls and women. AnastasiaDate is one of the best and most popular dating sites where you have a real opportunity to find the woman of your dreams. This application can be downloaded free of charge on your mobile phone or iPhone, and you can discover romance and unforgettable communication, find true love and it will be very easy. 
But if you look close, you’ll realize that this dating platform, as well as, is the place for scammers. The first thing that catches your eye when you look at questionnaires on dating sites is the excessive requirements for candidates with full tolerance for their own shortcomings. Women often find such a position: I'm looking exclusively for the prince without the bad habits and with money. The men are also not original. They demand a harmonious, successful, healthy and problem-free beauty and at the same time make it clear that even if they do not have anything for themselves and in their pockets, offering themselves to women, they are doing her a huge favor and a fairy-tale gift. 
Almost everyone, who is "in active search," tries at least a little, but to embellish his personality before exposing himself to the fair of brides and grooms. They carefully choose and even Photoshop photos, trying to appear before the eyes of potential electors in the most advantageous light. They, sometimes, understate the age or hide bad habits. The flatter themselves on the pages of their own questionnaire. 
But the greatest disadvantage is that AnastasiaDate is the biggest scam platform. There are only hired girls with beautiful appearance who only pretend that they are interested in foreign men. This site is set up with about 1% of genuine ladies... 99% are there to make money for themselves and the site owners. It is possible to say that only business models work there. Beautiful girls start communication with foreign men and ask them for help, gifts or money. The ultimate goal of any fraudster is money, but the ways of obtaining them are different: some prefer quick small earnings, others focus on large amounts and are ready to work long for their sake. 
The goal of the hunter for quick money is to get into trust as soon as possible, and then ask or fraudulently get the right amount. As a rule, such scams live on the flow of customers, so it's easy to suspect that something is wrong. All messages in this case are patterned, they do not change and are not personalized to the victim. To earn a considerable amount, the swindler has to simultaneously communicate with many users. They don’t have time to write every individual letter so it is not difficult to calculate such a scoundrel, you just need to be careful. 
Unfortunately, at this site all the women are fake and already in relationships. The company's services are very high: a minute of chatting with a girl will cost you one dollar, and a letter about $ 10. But the answer to your letters is almost guaranteed from the most beautiful girls from Eastern European countries and countries of South America.
That is why you need to learn How to Recognize Scammers