How to Recognize Scammers

In today's world, many people do not have enough time to find their soul mate. That is why online dating sites are very popular. But unfortunately there are a lot of scammers on sites. The scheme of their work is simple, but always very effective: the first thing they need is to attract the woman (the man), to make them fall in love, and ask for the money.

It is difficult to recognize an experienced fraudster because they apply a variety of methods of seduction, but the meaning in them is always the same, they do not need you, but only your money. Be vigilant, often most scammers are very knowledgeable in psychology and know a lot of subtle tricks to lure you into their trap.

To become a victim of deception is offensive, and in the case of acquaintance with the marriage swindler, it also hurts. After all, in such cases, it is not so much the loss of money that is important, as the loss of hope for a happy future, the shock that a person you have already come to feel close to, has turned out to be a cynical fraudster, fraught with a number of unpleasant consequences: disappointment of one's own attractiveness, loss of self-esteem, depression. That’s why chose Russian Women Sites Reviews to pick up necessary websites.

Is it possible to avoid such a situation and to recognize a virtual marriage scam. As we have already said, scammers are very good psychologists, but they also make mistakes. Pay special attention to the questionnaire of a possible applicant for your hand and heart. We all like to embellish the reality, but the swindler will never do it too clearly, maybe a completely naive person can believe in a beautiful princess or a lonely billionaire. Therefore, the swindler will not be too frank to paint their dignity, on the contrary, most likely in the questionnaire he will indicate a minimum of personal information in order to minimize the possibility of getting caught in a lie.

Specialists recommend paying attention to the following points at dating platforms:

If the questionnaire does not arouse suspicion and you want to continue communication, do not lose your vigilance. Suspicion should be requested to provide an e-mail address immediately after the meeting. As they say on the Internet forums, this is one of the characteristic features of virtual marriage scams. Unfortunately a lot of scammers are registered at What Is That?

During the conversation, pay attention to what interlocutor is saying. Be attentive to possible inconsistencies, do not answer the requests to send your photo. Instead, ask the other person to chat on Skype. If you are told that there is no webcam, there is no time for communication, the speed of the Internet connection does not allow you to establish a video call, do not hesitate, you communicate with a scam, trying to keep incognito.